Travel Diary: Our Adventures in Munich

After Alsace, we drove for 5 hours to Munich. Our original plan was to stay in an apartment in Munich, but from the very beginning it didn’t look too good. We went up to the apartment and it was a garbage dump! There were stains everywhere and Jake and I were going to have to sleep on the floor!! There was some sort of chemical sludge on the porch… so, we talked to VRBO for 2 hours (it was blistering hot inside while we waited) and eventually we got to stay at the Marriott hotel in Munich instead. The Marriott was great… and air-conditioned!!

The next day, we went to the Deutches Museum, which is one of the largest Science and Technology Museums in the world! We got to spend a whole day there and we only got through 4 floors of 9! We want to go back, but at least I got to go to all my favourite spots. I loved the nanoscience areas and the new technology areas the best.


The next day we got to spend a whole day at a lake called Feringasee. The thing I liked the most about it is that we got to do a two-hour bike ride all the way there and then back again. Both ways me and my dad sailed through the streets of Munich on our bikes without any problems but my mom and Jake kind of struggled. They didn’t do too well because they were very nervous about riding through the streets with all the people everywhere. After the lake, we went for dinner at a restaurant in Munich with ribs and as some of you may know Jake doesn’t do too well with ribs. He ended up covered in rib sauce! We also had yummy ice cream in Marienplatz and listened to music made by glasses. It was soothing.

A few other Munich photos

The day we left Munich, we drove to a large water park called Therme Erding. I was a little scared at first to do down the giant water slides but eventually I plucked up the courage to go play! Compared to other water parks I’ve been to, this one was the best! It was my favourite because the slides were huge and me and Jake could do a lot more stuff!


Under the palm trees at Therme Erding

After Munich, we drove to Nuremberg… my mom is going to write about that! I am having a really good time in Germany, but I’m ready to see my dog, Sam. I miss him.



Vimy Ridge: Victory!

Hello again… this time I am writing about Vimy Ridge. Vimy Ridge was a WWI Canadian battleground where Canadians fought the German forces for a strategic point on the ridge. I have always wanted to come here, ever since I was very young. It felt very overwhelming to be standing there – to actually find myself standing on Vimy Ridge, where I imagined soldiers fighting and so many dying.

When we first got out of the car, we saw craters everywhere that were made by grenade fire, mines, and shell fire. They are everywhere. Event though there are trees around the memorial now, there were none when the soldiers were fighting, just trenches on trenches on trenches on trenches, mines, mud, and men. It must have been like Hell.


The monument is huge and glorious. It makes me feel pride and joy to be Canadian. You can see it from all around and from the town below as you drive up.


This sign was pretty cool and creepy at the same time! I think I’ll stay on the paths!!


You can walk through the trenches and tunnels at Vimy Ridge that Canadians walked in. In this picture, it shows how close the German and Canadian lines were at Vimy Ridge. My dad is on the Canadian side and the picture is taken on the German side. We could easily talk to him from one side to the other.


I think this quote is true because WWII happened shortly after WWI even though so many terrible things happened in WWI.



Next we are going to Dieppe and I will get to learn more about WWII. I’m not sure what I will write about next!

Travel Diary: Trier Romanus Ruinas

I haven’t written in awhile, but here we are in Europe and thought you might want to hear about what we are doing here!

Before we went to Belgium, we went to the ancient ruins of a Roman Bath House in Trier, Germany. These bathhouses were built for the Roman Caesars, but they did not complete them and eventually they turned into Roman soldier barracks. The barracks were built underground in stone passageways that we got to walk through. They were very narrow and on top there was a huge palace also built of stone. I thought it was so interesting and it made me feel strange thinking that I was stepping where a Roman Ruler had probably taken a bath!!

This is a photo of one of the bathing rooms where we got to step. It felt sort of odd to walk where people used to bath, but most of the time where there was the royal bath house, it was blocked of due to it being unstable so we couldn’t go in them.

Imagine this place covered in marble with hot water flowing in!

It was pretty cool how they heated the bathhouses.They started a large bonfire in a hole in the ground with a large pool of water on top and the water would rise to a certain temperature and when they felt like it was the right temperature they would send it up a chimney into the bath house. They had different levels of heat depending on where the water left the tunnel. My mom and dad took a picture of the ruins from the outside. It would have been much taller, but they are just reconstructing it now.

Bath House Ruins in Trier, Germany

While we were in Belgium, we went to the Flanders Field Museum and WWI Canadian war sights around Ypres, so maybe next time I’ll tell you about WWI!




Coffee Farm Slip and Slide

This week on our second week in Costa Rica we went to a coffee farm. The owner of the coffee farm was named Oldemar. His wife was a wonderful cook and her name was Elsie.

We went to the coffee farm to help Oldemar. His job is to grow coffee, pick it, and sell it in Costa Rica. We had to pick A LOT of coffee! The worst day of picking coffee was the day on the REALLY steep mountain. I called it the coffee farm slip and slide because we slipped and we slided down the mountain! It was pretty fun, but there was part with a cliff and I didn’t like that very much! (my mom says it wasn’t a cliff). I do have a couple of bruises and cuts.

We had a wonderful week at the coffee farm. Thursday was the best day because I got to relax and play with the dogs at the farm since there were lots of big machines that I couldn’t help with. I did get to help make the packages and put the coffee into the bags and I saw how everything else was finished.

This is one of my favorite dogs at the farm.

I would like to bring this dog home with me to Canada

I would like to bring this dog home with me to Canada

This is Izzy.

This is Izzy.

I also asked my brother Jake to tell you a bit about his week at the coffee farm too…

Hi this is Jake. This is what happened to me on the coffee week.

First of all coffee cherries are really slimy but the grain inside is really yummy if you suck on it! I got to taste coffee, but I can only have dark roast because it has less caffeine than light roast. The less coffee is roasted the more caffeine it has!

We went on lots of adventures too when we weren’t working on the farm. We went zip lining and hiking in the cloud forest. It was fun but my dad bumped me and I fell down and I was bleeding. It was worse because that’s where my scabs were from falling off the golf cart (I thought that I could jump off of the golf cart and land on my feet, but instead I landed on my stomach. I didn’t cry. But you shouldn’t jump off a moving golf cart). Here’s a picture from our hike.

You can't see my bloody knee and hand in this picture, but I was bleeding.

You can’t see my bloody knee and hand in this picture, but I was bleeding.

One time when we came back to the farm from coffee picking, and there was a little dog on the road. Cole and I called her Izzy. She didn’t have a tail. I think it fell off. Cole showed you a picture of her already. There was another dog that we called Pride. Here is a picture of her.

This is Pride. Buddy is the fluffy white dog.

This is Pride. Buddy is the fluffy white dog.

We really liked it at the farm. We didn’t want to go home yet, except we miss our school a lot.

Bye Bye from Costa Rica!

Cole and Jake 🙂

Costa Rica!

Hello from Costa Rica!

Bonjour les camarade de cinquieme annee de Mme. Beagan et de troisieme annee de Mme. Venessa!

My family and I are on vacation in Costa Rica! It is REALLY hot here! Costa Rica is not at all like Canada, but it is really cool (like, “oh yeah, it’s awesome” kind of cool… not cold at all).

We are having a lot of fun here. I have seen and done some pretty fun stuff like surfing, zip-lining, and rafting down a waterfall in a kayak!!

Today we went on a boat ride and saw White-faced (Capuchin) monkeys and Howler monkeys (they sound like lions but only eat leaves!) We also go to touch a turtle. I am including my favorite photo of me and a White-faced monkey.


Also, one of my favorite animals is a Coati and I saw a family of them today!


My little brother is also going to write about his trip so far in Costa Rica too…

Hello everyone! This is Jake calling from Guanacaste, Costa Rica!

It is VERY hot here!

My favorite animals that I have seen is a White-tailed deer (very small!), a humungous turtle that I got to touch – it was very hard – like titanium. I really liked a dog at the farm too. He was cute.

We went on a boat and got to see a monkey. Here is a photo of the monkey and one of me driving the river boat!

image image

There are huge iguanas here too right on the trees!


Me and Cole wanted you to answer some Costa Rica trivia questions:

1. How many cows live in Costa Rica?

2. What color do male Green Iguana’s turn when they are mating?

3. What is the population of Costa Rica?


1. 1 million – people here eat beef, chicken, and pork; 2. Orange – the females stay bright green and you can’t barely see them in the trees; 3. 5 million – half of these people have immigrated from other parts of Central America to get good jobs.

Good-Bye for now!

Cole and Jake 🙂

A Special Message for my Class

In World War II (WWII), the Allies and Nazis used encryption to communicate with each other so people couldn’t understand the message.

I decided to make my own special code. This is a code that I want my class to try to decrypt.

Here is a hint:

My name in this code is spelled: 4(C),16(O),11,(L)6(E)  10(I),17(R),21(V),10(I),13(N),6(E).

Here is the message:

14,14,6  1,6,2,8,2,13,20  4,11,2,20,20  10,20  2,24,6,20,16,14,6.

Good luck and have fun!

😉 Cole

Crimson Lake Provincial Park

About two weeks ago my class went to Crimson Lake Provincial Park and we got to go into a peat bog. We had a blast there! My favorite part about the peat bog was that SO MANY kids got mud in their boots… including ME! I was wearing boots that DID NOT have holes in them but it turns out that I stepped in some really deep peat moss! I got a booter and it lasted all day!

I also had a really fun time looking for bugs inside the pond. I found a very small water strider and a water spider and a couple of very big curly shells with snails living in them! In fact, I had so much fun I wanted to go back there again with my family. So we did!

And I showed them everything! Here are some pictures from our explorations!


This is a photo of me walking to get some lunch!


This is a picture of me hiding in the middle of the forest from my brother!


This is a photo of the pond where we looked for bugs.

We had a lot of fun exploring and hiking around! You should go there too!

If you want to see my mom’s blog about our day at Crimson Lake, you can click Here.

Cole signing off 😉




This weekend I got to be a ring-bearer in a wedding.

I got to walk down the aisle and waited to give the rings to the pastor. Carrying the ring was kind of fun. but the really bad part was that we had to wear suspenders! I HATE suspenders. The were not good. But, my mom says they looked really good and that’s what matters. I put a picture here for you to see.

But all in all, the wedding was really cool and really fun. We got to dance like crazy at the end of the wedding and I got to listen to one of my favourite dancing songs – Gangnam Style!

And I stayed up until midnight!

Have a good week!

😉 Cole

My First Basketball Practice

photo 3

Yesterday was my first basketball practice with my team. This photo is a basketball that I get to keep and practice with at home!

My team is team 1. My coaches are Coach B and Coach R. They are friendly and Coach R has coached so many basketball teams.

We did so many drills like shooting drills, passing drills, dribbling through and around my legs. This practice was super fun! I’ve been practicing at home a lot too. I want to improve on my basketball skills.

I am looking forward to my next practice.

😉  Cole 🙂

First Week of School

I have decided to post once a week. This week was my first full week of school. We had fun doing math and science. In math I am doing number sequences. In science we made diagrams about wetlands. I get to go on a wetlands field trip at the end of the month. I’ll tell you about that in another post.

My favourite part of the week was watching X-Men 1 with my mom and brother. It was pretty cool. My brother got scared in the night. I had good dreams about X-Men because I was dreaming about being a mutant! If I was a mutant, I would want to be like wolverine because he can heal himself and has indestructible claws. This is my favourite X-Man. I got this photo from google images.



I also had time this week to play on my XBox. Most of the time I play Lego Marvel Super Heros. I would like make a video of playing my games, but it didn’t work out very well this week, so I’ll try again next week. 

Today we went to church and learned about Noah’s Ark. I learned that God can help you prevail.

Have a good week!